Dear Dr. Riachi,

Thank you for speaking last night on "Hot Flashes and Dysfunctional Bleeding" in Cranford. Here are some comments from the audience about your presentation:

  • It was an excellent lecture. Dr. Riachi is very informative and a great speaker, and answered all questions --A great doctor who knows what he is doing! I learned a lot about conditions I have had in the past.
  • I was so appreciative of the discussion and explanations. It was a great presentation!
  • Very informative; the speaker answered all questions thoroughly.
  • The presentation provided a wealth of information.
  • Excellent explanation of various topics.
  • Very well spoken and extremely informative.
  • Very well presented!
  • Informative, educational.
  • Wonderful!
  • Very good (2 comments)
  • Very informative (7 comments)

Again, thank you for another wonderful presentation.

Leonora Panagopoulos, Programs Coordinator Trinitas, Regional Medical Center

Having this procedure has completely changed my daily routine and my way of life. I had very, very little pain the day of my surgery, and after my surgery, and my recovery time was quick and easy. Dr. Riachi is not only a wonderful doctor, but his bedtime manner is impeccable.

Short Hills Surgery Center was a great experience for me as a patient as well as for my worried husband, who stayed with me before and after my surgery. 

Thanks, Dr. Riachi. 

Sonia S.

In my opinion Dr. Labib Riachi is one of the TOP doctors in New Jersey in the OBGY industry! Dr. Riachi successfully conducted a hysterectomy on me using robotics. I was up and walking within 5 days. I give him 5 Stars for being thorough, making me feel comfortable, for fantastic patient care, explain my issues and how to best address them, and the courtesy and professionalism of his staff and team. I am SO THANKFUL that I chose him – THE BEST! He takes his work serious, is experienced, and strives for excellence! Thank you Dr. Riachi. THUMBS UP!


Dr. Riachi is a wonderful doctor. He is good in what he does for a woman with incontinence. I would recommend him to anyone for this purpose. I have no problems with my surgery.

Victoria C.

My experience with Dr. Riachi and his staff has been more than extraordinary. My surgery and care was outstanding. I was kept apprised of all the details of my surgery and after care, and always knw that everyone wanted tme to feel that my comfort and welfare was their first concern. 

Patricia K.

I'm very satisfied with my care. I'm very happy with the outcome. Your staff was very professional. 

Julia M.

I would like to thank Dr. Labib Riachi for being the best surgeon ever! 

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Dr. Myra Mabry for being the best, caring, understanding surgeon ever. 

And, I would love to thank the staff for being so professional and caring. 

Thank You! 


Dear Dr. Riachi,

I just wanted to say "thank you" for all of your excellent care while I was in the hospital. What a fine surgeon you are! I feel almost like I have a new bladder. I will see you soon for my checkup.

Take care. 

Barbara K.

Dear Dr. Riachi,

I don't have enough words to express my gratitude, only to say that may God continue to bless your great abilities as a surgeon and the great work and care you and your staff offer to women in need.

Many thanks!

J. M. B.