Today Dr Labib, 
I laughed until I cried, 
I laughed without an inkling of fear inside,

I had lost all hope that this would one day be true,
I lost all hope until I met you.

God bless you always, 
I wrote a little something to try to express how I felt today thanks to you.


انا فخور بمعرفة حضرتك, مع خالص شكرى وامتنانى لعلمك الغزير وخلقك الرفيع.

نحن نشكر حضرتك على كل شىء ابدعت فيه اليوم وحضرتك من الشخصيات المؤثرة فى كل من يلقاها ببساطتك المتناهية وعلمك الغزير وخبرتك الواسعة ورغبتك القوية فى نشر العلم والمعرفة.

Dr. Shady

After years of suffering from heavy bleeding and chronic pain I am finally free from it. I owe it all to Dr. Labib Riachi. Both my husband and I were really scared about me having surgery. We "Googled" and read, watched YouTube videos related to hysterectomy and myomectomy and came to a decision to go for robotic surgery. When my OB-GYN physician recommended Dr. Riachi, I immediately made an appointment with him and went for the first consultation.

Before my first visit with Dr. Riachi, I was very nervous, but he was very professional and, at the same time, very kind. He explained the procedure to me and as per my request, he even explained everything to my husband over the phone.

Even though I went to him at the last stage, Dr. Riachi and his staff immediately took care of my issue and was able to do my surgery just two weeks after the consultation.

As I sit here now, it has been two weeks since the surgery. I am feeling great, and I certainly feel like I am moving in the right direction.

I am so blessed and happy that my doctor here in NJ recommended Dr. Riachi, and I am thankful to God that he chose the best doctor for me!

I wish Dr. Riachi great success and I would highly recommend him to anyone. I will be forever grateful to him for all he has done for me.

Tia Young

My first appointment with Dr. Riachi was for a routine check up. He was very pleasant and professional. During my check up he found a cyst in my right ovary which he warned me was very large. I was nervous and shocked because I had no symptoms and never felt any pain. He immediately told me that I was going to be just fine and he would take care of me. The way he spoke to me and calmed me down made me realize I was in great hands and that I had made the right choice by going to see him.

Because my cyst was so large he told me that I was looking at the possibility of having my right ovary removed but that he would try his hardest to save it and to perform the surgery robotically so that it would be less invasive and leave me with minimal scaring. I am 29 and have no kids so I was hoping for the best. Thanks to his hard work my surgery was a success. Not only was he able to save my ovary but he performed a major surgery the least invasive way possible by using the robot. I was so happy and relieved to know he worked tirelessly to deliver the best outcome possible for me. By week two of my recovery I was feeling great and in a month I was able to return to work and my normal routine.

I'd recommend Dr. Riachi to anyone in a heartbeat. He is truly one of the best and his dedication and compassion make him one of a kind. I am forever grateful to him and his staff.

Mrs. B

I was a healthy 35 year-old with two kids and a normal menstrual cycle. I started feeling tired, losing weight and my menstrual cycle was heavy, lasting up to seven days. Because I work in the medical field I decided to have lab work done. My results came back with an Hgb level at 4. I had to be admitted to the hospital to receive to two bags of blood and, while I was there they discovered I had a huge fibroid. I saw Dr. Riachi in September, 2013 after hearing a lot of good things about him. From the first visit I felt comfortable. He was straight to the point and gave me very detailed information about my condition. He gave me my options of either having the partial hysterectomy or taking medication. I know that I'm not a dedicated pill taker, so the best thing for me to do was have the procedure done.

By the next visit I was being scheduled for my procedure. At first, I was kind of worried because I usually go to Newark Beth Israel for all my procedures but in this case I went to Trinitas. The day came and everything went SMOOTHLY!

I came in, got registered and they set me up. Dr. Riachi came in to ask me how I was feeling. He explained everything again and away I went. My recovery went well! I had to stay in the hospital overnight because my blood pressure was slightly lower than normal. The nurses at Trinitas were great! I didn't have to wait for anything. I only had to push the bell once and I got an immediate response. Now I'm 2 months post-op and feeling better than before. My Hgb is back to normal. I'm off iron pills. There are no noticeable scars and they healed perfectly. With having a partial I don't have to feel less than a woman because I still have my ovaries and my cervix. So I still have my hormones! I FEEL GREAT! I'm happy and my husband is super happy! :)

Thanks, Dr Riachi

Maria M.
Beverley Whitetaker

In all my adult life I have had three gynecologists. I must say that Dr. Riachi is the BEST! He is pleasant, caring, compassionate, patient, honest and TRUSTWORTHY. He is a gentle doctor with an EXCELLENT bedside manner. He has delivered two of my granddaughters and has exhibited exemplary professionalism and compassion. Dr. Riachi treats my daughter like she was his own child. He is soooo funny. I had the experience of having a procedure done in January, 2014. I was so afraid. Dr. Riachi explained the procedure in detail and told me that He Would Take Care of Me. He made me feel comfortable. He spoke with me on the phone and in person to reassure me that everything would be okay. He provided me with such care, confidence and encouragement. I just love Dr. Riachi. He tells the truth and is very honest. Yessss! He took care of me and his services are excellent. I am proud of Dr. Riachi and I tell it to all my co-workers and family members. Thank You So Much Dr. Riachi. There's not another one like you.


I was sent to Dr. Riachi for a second opinion and he examined me and did the necessary work and everything else. I had my surgery on November, 2013, and the surgery was a success. Dr. Riachi explained everything he was going to do before surgery, even the maybe's that might occur. Dr. Riachi came to see me after surgery and again while I stayed three days in the hospital. I would recommend this doctor to anybody who's reading my more pain!

Thank You Dr Riachi

Martha Bones