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If you are a woman who is having problems with incontinence, such as the urge to urinate frequently, or prolapse, where your vaginal anatomy is protruding outside your body, Dr. Labib Riachi can help you in a number of ways. If you have heavy periods, an abnormal pap smear or endometriosis or a host of other gynecological problems, Dr. Riachi can help you.

As one of the world's leading urogynecologists, Dr. Riachi has traveled the globe to teach other physicians the procedures he performs. His mission, as he sees it, is to try to help every woman who needs diagnosis and treatment for their female incontinence and prolapse problems.

The specialty of urogynecology involves the urinary aspects of gynecology, and is a specialty that has grown as the staggering number of women with urinary problems have been estimated, documented and brought to light.

Robot-assisted surgery or Robotic surgery is elegant and artful. Labib Riachi is a master surgeon in Robotic gynecological procedures, and as a surgeon he displays the highest degree of competence and experience. Teaching and training are vital to the knowledge, skill and expertise necessary to perform these procedures.

Dr. Riachi has performed more than 2,000 robotic procedures. He is a visiting consultant physician at the Ministry of Public Health in the UAE assigned to Al Quassimi hospital, establishing the Robotic gynecological surgical program. Dr. Riachi is currently the surgeon responsible to teach and perform Robotic surgery at the French Levant Hospital in Lebanon in association with IRCAD. In addition Dr. Riachi performs Robotic Surgery at the CMC Clemenceau Medical Center in Beirut.

Dr. Riachi's approach to female urinary incontinence incorporates different approaches to stress incontinence, which is the leakage or urine upon any pressure on the bladder, urge incontinence, which is the constant and uncontrollable urge to urinate (with leakage), and mixed incontinence.

For patients with female vaginal prolapse, Dr. Riachi has surgical options that include the use of plastic mesh to "hold up" a woman's anatomy, exercise programs and other options.

Dr. Riachi uses various tools at his disposal to help his patients, from conservative methods such as pelvic floor exercises to radical methods like minimally-invasive surgery. His dedicated and compassionate staff works with women of all ages to help them regain what they thought they could never have--a normal life, free of constant discomfort, worry and (in many cases) shame.

The psychological effects of these problems are devastating to many women. According to Dr. Riachi, while he is a urogynecologist by training, an additional benefit of his work is that it helps solve emotional and psychological issues many women have from dealing with these problems on a daily basis.

This web site contains a lot of the press material that has been written about Dr. Riachi, and TV clips from regional and national media outlets.

Dr. Riachi is a double board certified in the specialties of obstetrics/ gynecology and Female pelvic medicine/ Pelvic reconstructive surgery.
He occupied the position of Chief of Robotic Surgery and director of Urogynecology as well as the chairman of the Obstetrics and gynecology at Trinitas regional medical center in New Jersey.

He is a pioneering doctor in several ways. He had decided to dedicate his life to assisting others in need of medical care. Dr. Riachi has also performed new and unique medical procedures that have aided and changed the lives of many of his patients.

He has been instrumental in teaching surgery and medicine for doctors, students and hospital staff.
Dr. Riachi has received many awards and certifications in recognition of his service to his patients. These include:


  • Certificate of appreciation award from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, July 2015
  • Leadership in medical education award from the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • New Jersey top doctors awards 2014
  • New Jersey top doctors award 2015
  • Vitals patients choice award 2014
  • St Clare's health system 2014 top doctors recognition award
  • Top OB/GYN award 2010 and 2011, by the Consumers Research Council of America
  • Patient choice award 2009
  • Top doctors New Jersey award as chosen by nurses 2010 , New Jersey Monthly
  • Patient choice awards 2008
  • America's top of Obstetricians and Gynecologists award 2012 by the Consumer Research Council of America
  • International Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists top OB/GYN award 2016
  • Certificate of commendation for providing exemplary patient care by Cathedral Healthcare System
  • Special excellence in endoscopic procedure award by the American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists 1999
  • Berlex Laboratories residency teaching award.


Dr. Riachi was recognized in 2016 by Trinitas Regional Medical Center for performing his 1,000th Robotic Surgery, as well as being the busiest robotic surgeon in the state of New Jersey .This is a tremendous milestone to reach and further shows Dr. Riachi’s commitment to his patients.

Currently he occupies the position of Chief of Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery at Moarbes Medical center in Beirut Lebanon.

Assistant Professor at the Lebanese University School of Medicine and a member on the Scientific Board of the International Society of Reconstruction and Aesthetics Intimate Treatment (ISRAIT).

He is a visiting consultant physician at the Ministry of Public Health in the UAE assigned to Al Quassimi hospital, establishing the Robotic gynecological surgical program.

Dr. Riachi is responsible to teach and perform Robotic surgery using the latest Da Vinci Xi platform at the French Levant Hospital in Lebanon, in association with IRCAD France. click here