I wanted to thank you for giving me my life back, no more irregularities or surprises. The past five months are now a nightmare of the past.

Please feel free to post my comments on your website. It will be an honor to see my comments below as part of your testimonials.

Dr. Riachi brought relief and returned my quality of life back. My daughter met Dr. Riachi at her job and after she explained my issues, he advised to make an appointment with him. The staff were very nice and the hours were convenient for full-time workers, as he has an office in Elizabeth and another in Westfield. 

Before I saw Dr. Riachi I had a biopsy that was very painful, and an ablation from my OB-GYN, both in attempt to spot the irregular bleeding. They were both unsuccessful. The doctor explained everything thoroughly, gave me choices and explained the effects of each option....the outcome for each one was exactly what he had explained.

I decided to get a hysterectomy and it brought 100% relief to me and my family, like he promised. Before that, I bled for five months. The surgery was very successful and I was very happy with the healing process, which was quick due to the use of the robotic method, his specialty. I was back to work four weeks after the surgery. Dr. Riachi made the entire process easy and convenient, with a short recovery period. Thank you Dr. Riachi for giving me my life back!


I just want to take this time to thank my wonderful doctor, Dr. Labib Riachi, for a job well done. I further want to thank God for blessing the female community with such a smart and loving soul. I found out about my fibroid situation about two years ago. At first it wasn't a problem, but then they became larger and larger. When I had my menstrual cycle I would bleed like a faucet. My hemoglobin was increasingly very low. Dr. Riachi kept going over my options but I was afraid of them all. It took me about a year to decide on having the procedure done because I had so many concerns. I finally decided to have it done and, to my surprise, I was already awake and realized I had five very small incisions. After a week they healed tremendously and I was up and about. The biggest problem I had afterwards was with gas.

Thank you, Dr. Riachi, for a job well done. I truly believe you are the best.


I previously had two unsuccessful bladder surgeries by different doctors. Then, I consulted with Dr. Riachi and had surgery on my bladder for the third time. Since my surgery with Dr. Riachi I have had no further problems with my bladder. He is an amazing surgeon!

Thank you Dr. Riachi!


I am a 50 year-old woman who was admitted into Trinitas Regional Medical Center in Elizabeth to have Laparoscopic Hysterectomy "Uterine Prolapse" surgery with Dr. Riachi.

Before the surgery, Dr. Riachi explained to me what type of procedure he would use to resolve my problem and how fast and quickly I would recover. Thankfully, I have not had any problems at all and the surgery was quick and easy. I recommend it to any woman who has the same problem as me. Dr. Riachi is the best gynecologist I know. This is the second surgery I have had with him, both of them being very successful. Thank you, Dr. Riachi, for taking care of me.

M. A.
Monica's Mom

I wanted to share my experience with anyone who may have a situation similar to mine, since I found nothing on Dr. Riachi's website from other women specifically regarding rectoceles, or back wall vaginal prolapse.

I have had a small rectocele for five years, but last spring I began having severe trouble moving my bowels. No matter how careful I was with my diet, fluid intake, and daily stool softeners, I always had painful, severe straining. I went to a colorectal surgeon who told me it was due to my rectocele. I then went to see a well-respected uro-gynecologist, but he said that he believed my rectocele was too small to be causing my problem, and that I most likely had a disorder of my anal sphincter muscle due to years of fissure pain. I went back to my colorectal doctor, and she explained that the size of a rectocele does not correlate with the level of difficulty it causes regarding a woman's ability to go to the bathroom. She also said that my sphincter muscle was normal, and recommended that I get a second opinion from Dr. Riachi, whom she trusted.

Upon examining me Dr. Riachi said that there was a good chance that surgery could improve my situation but not totally correct it, so I went for it. He was right. While I still have to be careful with my diet and fluid intake, as long as I do that, I no longer have that terrible experience that something is blocking my ability to move my bowels. Furthermore, I found the recovery from the surgery to be a breeze.

I have tried not to be too graphic, but I hope that my story helps any woman who may find herself in a similar situation. Please don't let fear prevent you from seeking the help that is out there. Because the first doctor I saw had such a great reputation, I was tempted to believe his opinion that my rectocele was not what was causing my problem. I am so glad that I decided instead to put my trust in Dr. Riachi.


Dr. Riachi,

I wanted to send a little note expressing my gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful help and support you and your staff has giving me! Since I was 14 my periods have been very painful and heavy. At the age of 20 I had C-Section, after birth my periods became worse, lasting up to 12-14 days with extremely heavy flow and extreme pain. I felt like I only had one week a month of good life living. The other three weeks I lived with cramps, back aches, and hemorrhaging.

I first started seeing you in my mid 20's, and instantly I felt comfort that you were actually listening to how I suffered each and every month. I have tried every kind of birth control and anti inflammatory for relief, which was of no help. The birth control caused horrible headaches and moodiness. My sex life was also affected, during and after intercourse was extremely painful. To even insert a tampon was unbearable. After exploring different treatment options and not having any positive outcome.

At 32, you suggested an ultrasound that discovered Adenomyosis. You felt an uterine ablation would be a good option to help relieve some of these issues from which I had been suffering. I also knew that I didn't want to bear any children, so a tubal ligation was also performed. During the ablation you discovered many adhesions and other issues that wouldn't permit the procedure. My only other option was to have a partial hysterectomy, which you suggested should be done robotically.

I cannot express how easy the process was! I was in the hospital 12 hours and had no pain after. I was able to walk and perform the light duties being a mother required. I was back to work and living a normal life just 6 weeks later. Two months after the surgery I am living a life I never thought would be possible at 32. I live pain-free, and actually enjoy having intercourse. I hope this letter helps you to better help woman that are suffering like I was. The non-invasive surgery was the best choice I could have ever imagined!

Thank you for all you help!!


Dear Dr Riachi,

I want to express my gratefulness for the surgery you did on me.

When I was told that I had to have surgery to remove my ovaries and my cervix, in another word, I needed a hysterectomy because I was bleeding too much, and I was scared.

At that moment you knew how to make the scare go away. You explained to me in very simple words what kind of surgery it was going to be, robotic surgery.

Let me tell you it was WONDERFUL!. I have no words to express how I felt after the procedure. I did not feel that horrible pain that is caused by the conventional surgery. I went home the following day. After the surgery my recuperation was FANTASTIC!. In one week I was walking normal, the little marks in my stomach healed fine and they don't look like those ugly scars caused by the other regular operation.

I believe that the doctor has to be a lot with these results, and you, Dr. Riachi, are GREEEEEAT!


K. B.

I am a 65 year-old woman, writing about what happened to me so it will not happen to anyone else. In 2011, I was diagnosed with a uterine prolapse. My gynecologist referred me to a surgeon. This surgeon sent me for a second opinion with another surgeon. They both agreed that I needed surgery. I was once again with the first surgeon, and he asked me what I thought we should do, I said you are the doctor, what do you recommend? He said go home, and if you feel worse, come back. Not understanding fully what was happening to me and feeling discouraged, I never returned.

In April, 2012 I went for my yearly pap with my gynecologist. My doctor was in shock. At this point my prolapse was severe. I was in a lot of pain, not to mention at risk of infection because my uterus was outside my body. So, in April, my gynecologist referred me to a third surgeon. This doctor sent me for a battery of tests before my supposed surgery. I was beside myself, because I wanted the surgery as soon as possible. This doctor continued to tell me that this is not considered an emergency so I would have to wait because he was booked up. The first surgery date was in June, but the office called me to cancel. I continued to call, and they said my next surgery date could be in October or November.

My daughter, who lives in another state, found Dr Riachi online, thank God. She called the office that same day, explained what was happening to me. My daughter was so happy she said they would fit me in right away and in about four days I was in Dr. Riachi's office. I can't thank Dr. Riachi and his staff enough. I no longer have pain. I feel like a woman again! Thank You.

God Bless,