Cervical Cancer Screening

Screening methods for cervical cancer for the general population: joint recommendations of the American cancer society, the American society for colposcopy and cervical pathology, and the American society for clinical pathology


Recommended Screening Method


Women younger than 21 years

No screening


Women aged 21-29 years

Cytology alone every 3 years


Women aged 30-65 years

Human papillomavirus and cytology cotesting (preferred) every 5 years

Cytology alone (acceptable) every 3 years

Screening by HPV testing alone is not recommended*

Women older than 65 years

No screening is necessary after adequate negative prior screening results

Women with history of CIN 2, CIN 3, or adenocarcinoma in situ should continue routine age-based screening for a total of 20 years after spontaneous regression or appropriate management of CIN 2, CIN 3, or adenocarcinoma in situ

Women who underwent total hysterectomy

No screening is necessary

Applies to women without a cervix and without a history CIN 2, CIN 3, adenocarcinoma in situ, or cancer in the past 20 years

Women vaccinated against HPV

Follow age-specific recommendations (same as unvaccinated women)