Edge Health: Trinitas Robotic Surgery Team & Dr. Labib Riachi Named Busiest GYN Robotic Service in NJ

The robotic surgery team at Trinitas Regional Medical Center, led by Dr. Labib E. Riachi, was recently recognized by Intuitive Surgical as the busiest surgical center in New Jersey for robotic gynecological surgery. Intuitive Surgical, manufacturer of the daVinci Robotic Surgery system, also reported that the robotic procedures performed by Dr. Riachi at Trinitas are "among the most complex and challenging cases being done today.”

At Trinitas, robotic surgery is used for a wide array of gynecologic procedures, including hysterectomy, removal of fibroids and cysts, correction of vaginal prolapse and pelvic floor disorders and procedures directed at improving fertility in women. The robot’s 10x magnification and 3 dimensional viewing allows the surgeon to work with unprecedented precision.

"Using the daVinci Robotic Surgery system, we can minimize the incisions, the bleeding, the discomfort, and the pain as well as improve the recovery times for patients in most cases,” Dr. Riachi explained.

"Dr. Riachi’s use of robotic surgery – with its greater precision, quicker heal rates and reduced surgical trauma – clearly reflects our commitment to our patients,” reported Gary S. Horan, FACHE, President & Chief Executive Officer of Trinitas Regional Medical Center.

For the success of robotic surgery at Trinitas, Dr. Riachi credits the Medical Center’s robotic surgical team, which includes specially trained Registered Nurses, Operating Room Technicians, Schedulers, Robotic Coordinators, Licensed Practical Nurses, Residents and others. "I am very fortunate to have such an excellent team at Trinitas. They work together seamlessly, helping each other, helping the patients, always with the safety of the patient in mind. We have a great robotic team, with an impeccable safe and efficient record. They believe strongly in robotic surgery because they can see first-hand the benefits of this approach. ”

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